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The Story Behind Libbss Online Store

I don’t have any Libbss (clothes)! A common sentence that we repeat when there is an event nearby, whether it is a social or formal event. Hence the idea of Libbss came into reality, the first and specialized online store that contains high-quality local products provided by the elite designers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After carefully studying the market, Libbss Online Storeappeared as an effective and fast solution that displays the most beautiful classic and contemporary designs that suit the different tastes of the classy society who’s interested in Saudi Art and Culture. Indeed, LibbssStore’s team has been keen to provide a very fast delivery service to dear customers in cooperation with the best logistics services companies, which deliver orders to various governorates as soon as possible!

Libbss Store caters to the entire family’s needs of Abayas, Daily Clothes and Sportswear, in addition to beautiful Jewellery and Accessories. It focuses on Saudi brands exclusively and selects the most creative designers to display their products, in order to encourage Arts and young talents in the Oriental Fashion World and to support our national identity in a modern manner. Thus it deserved to be named the “Home of Saudi Brands”.

The year 2020 witnessed the launch of Libbss website as a safe space for customers in the KSA to find the most beautiful clothes at reasonable prices and high quality, which arrive at their homes on time. And that is through our quick delivery service to ensure that they look greatat official events, sudden visits, and special parties.

Our vision for the upcoming years is to expand further and provide the opportunity for more creative designers to display their unique products in Libbss Store, in order to be a reason to create an enjoyable and fast shopping experience for our valued customers and to support local talents and help them reach the globalism.

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