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purple gray wool coat abaya

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Winter has harsh vibes at one time, and romantic vibes at another; this depends on your dress up. If you wear our winter baize abaya, you’ll feel cozy and stylish at the same time; because this kind of cloth is heavy and luxurious, together with being convenient for most of occasions and places.Beat the cold winter by getting our baize abaya with big collar that highlights your neck length and beauty, in addition to embroidery inspired by Iris flower which symbolizes wisdom and loyalty. This model is available in 4 attractive colors: black, inspired by cold winter nights, camel, that tells us a story about how winter is cold in Saudi Arabia’s deserts, dark blue, the color of the Arabian Gulf, and light blue; that informs us about clouds lift and makes us very hopeful in this season.Get an insight with dark contact lenses and let your hair down. Don’t neglect wearing high-heeled boots and a silk dress underneath for a look that is worth to be looked at!

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