JUL Perfume

JUL Perfume

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The Saudi Abdul Aziz Al Rayes has mastered the creation of such a fragrance with a mixture that combines luxury and originality together, inspired by Arab myths. The fragrance consists of agarwood, incense, tobacco, and leather, thus producing a strong and ancient oriental scent. Whoever desires to shine with his oriental Arab, and bold looks uses the July perfume to reflect his personality and his innocence.

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Dar Al Rayes Perfumes

Abdul Aziz Al Rayes was creative in creating the most beautiful and luxurious Saudi perfumes. Al Rayes perfumes are proudly Saudi-made perfumes, whose authentic oriental character smells of luxury. Al Rayes fragrances are named after the months of the year, such as January and February, all the way to December.
Al Rayes’ perfumes tell the story of the months. Each month has a story, and every whiff of its perfume rekindles memories. One perfume carries the fragrance and romance of winter, another one epitomizes summer and its vitality, other perfumes describe spring and its beautiful nature, and perfumes smell of autumnal breezes.

Each of Al Rayes perfumes highlights a certain personality, including strength and stability and boldness and exoticism. Some perfumes distinguish its owner with romance and love of nature, and others reflect its owner and his/her personality, which is characterized by flexibility and love of excellence.


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Key notes :

Agarwood, incense, tobacco and leathers

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Eau de perfum
100 ml

Delivery within 24 hours inside Riyadh, three working days outside Riyadh & GCC

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